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Concept: Vintage


We've come across hundreds of vintage brooches in our travels -- victorian floral motifs, gold-tone wreaths and jewel encrusted creatures are usually in abundance.  But everyone once in a while, we'll find a truly unique piece with handmade qualities & subtle imperfections (which denotes character, in our opinion). One such brooch is called 'Kam'. It depicts the image of a farm worker carrying rice through the streets. He is performing a duty that provides his community with sustenance, social connectivity and a sense of cultural identity. This symbolic brooch may be worn in a multitude of ways -- on a clutch, lapel, or as a pendant.

**Our vintage jewels are in great, wearable condition. Each piece will show unique signs of weathering & oxidation, denoting a history that makes them all the more special.


* Gold tone

* Slight imperfections


Available immediately.

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