Jewelry Care

Every piece of Dana Walden jewelry is thoughtfully designed and crafted to endure generations -- all you have to do is treat them with a little TLC.  Please store each piece in a jewelry box (or use the pouch and box included in your order).  Since our jewelry is created in a variety of metals, here are some tips that will help you extend the life of your Dana Walden jewelry:


Many of your favorite Dana Walden pieces are made from brass.  We love the strength, color, and the natural oxidation of the metal.  If you love the naturally weathered look of brass as much as we do, then your pieces will require little maintenance.  If you prefer a more polished finish, try cleaning your jewelry at home with a mixture of lemon juice and vinegar (do not use this cleaning method if your jewelry has gemstones or enamel; these pieces require no maintenance). Storing your brass pieces in a Ziploc bag will also slow down the oxidation process.


Silver naturally oxidizes.  If you'd like to restore your jewelry's shiny finish, simply buff it with a polishing cloth as often as you'd like.  Storing silver jewelry in a Ziploc bag will also slow down the oxidation process. 

Gunmetal or Plated Jewelry

All of our gunmetal pieces are electro-plated in order to achieve their signature black finish. This means that the plating may eventually wear off, resulting in a cool weathered look.  To extend the life of our finish, please keep your jewelry away from water, perfumes/sprays and lotions.  You may also store your gunmetal/plated jewelry in a Ziploc bag to extend the life of your finish.


Clean your gold jewelry (without gemstones) with a little mild soap and water.  We recommend that you professionally clean more delicate pieces, especially those with pearls, diamonds and gemstones.  

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